When will COVID-19 Vaccine be available? Answered by Tarot With Raaginni

The world is fighting COVID-19 pandemic and we all are just praying it to get over soon but as my cards show me the pandemic is here to stay at least until June of next year (2021).

I have received a lot of requests for updates on the coronavirus pandemic. So, I did some tarot readings for the COVID -19 pandemic and this is what cards told me:

COVID-19 Tarot Predictions (Global):

  • COVID-19 Vaccine research will have a breakthrough in October 2020. (Like I predicted in the March Video that you can see here)
  • The coronavirus vaccine will be in the market by January 2020 but the supply will be short and there will be a lot of struggle/fight to get the vaccine in various countries.
  • There will be a big black market for the vaccine.
  • Most people will get the COVID-19 vaccine by March 2021
  • Moderna is the most likely candidate to have an approved vaccine but there will be other companies as well.
  • In the beginning, Moderna’s vaccine will face some issues & glitches but then they will fix it, resume production & even supply vaccines to other countries as well.
  • Moderna will start production of the vaccine much earlier (October 2020) but will face a lot of problems. The vaccine production will resume back in November & December 2020.
  • For me personally, My cards showed me that I will get the vaccine in March 2020 but I will not get it in India. I will get the vaccine in some other country as I will most likely be traveling. (Strange eeehh…)

Coronavirus Vaccine Availability by region:

Everywhere the vaccines will be given first to VIPs, government & health workers. I see a lot of politics, scams & scandals in regard to the vaccine especially in countries like India.

USA COVID-19 vaccine availability date:

USA COVID-19 vaccine availability date:
  • USA will start giving vaccines secretly as early as September 2020 to VIPs & some other people in the USA but they will run into some problems and will stop that.
  • The vaccine will be available publically by December 2020 only.

India COVID-19 vaccine availability date:

  • When the vaccine will enter the markets in India there will be a big scam and vaccines won’t reach people easily.
  • I see middlemen/suppliers doing a lot of scams & scandals.
  • The vaccine will be in the market in Jan 2021 but won’t be easily accessible.
  • People will start getting the vaccine only by March to April 2020 But really vaccine will be by only available by May 2021 and even later.

Europe COVID-19 vaccine availability date:

India COVID-19 vaccine availability date:
  • COVID vaccine will be available by December 2020 but will only be accessible to rich & powerful European countries.
  • Germany will get the vaccine by Dec 2021.
  • By March-April the vaccine will be generally available.
  • By April all of Europe will have access to the vaccine.

So looks like this pandemic will be over by July 2021 across the world. We have been in this together for over 7 months now. So a few months more and we can go back to traveling, exploring and being normal back again.

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